Tues evening BBQ

Very sorry but the BBQ for tonight has been canceled due to the wet weather and the forecast for more. The shelter at Mahaffey Park was very wet so we will postpone and try for another day. We will try it again on 7/9/19. More info to follow.

Saturday Morning Group Road Ride 6/8/19

This Saturday June 8th we will do a course that is similar to the Lake to Lake Triathlon Course. Much of it is what we have been doing so it won’t be new for us. Our hope is that anyone wanting to preview the course in a group setting will come and join us.
We will be leaving from Breakaway Cycles at 8 AM PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE. This course, from Breakaway is just under 30 miles so not quite as long as some of our others but nice when you ride from home. As always we will have an A and B group but will stay as one group until we get out to Glade road.
Loveland Cycling Club facilitates  this ride but each rider takes responsibility for  their own safety. 
We look forward to seeing you.

Saturday Morning Group Road Ride – Time Changing to 8 AM

Saturday morning group road ride – time changing to 8 AM starting 6/8/19 – the sun is up and it is getting warmer – we will change to 7 AM in a couple of weeks depending on how the weather is looking.

This Saturday June 8th we will have an A and a B ride leaving from Breakaway Cycles at 8 AM. A ride will be intermediate at 17 to 18 mph and B ride will be moderate at 14 to 16 mph. Route to be determined.

Loveland Cycling Club facilitates this ride and each rider assumes responsibility for themselves during the ride. The rides are no drop, meaning if you do get separated from your group we will regroup.

Please come out and join us, we would love your company.


See you there,