Group Rides Return!!! YEA!!!

We will be starting up LCC group rides again beginning Saturday morning, June 20th, at 8 AM. We will meet at Centennial Park parking lot at 1st and Taft as we have in the past.
The Colorado State Stay-at-Home order does allow for group rides. Here are some guidelines we will follow to stay safe and to abide by the state and USA Cycling guidelines.
1. We will ride in groups of no more than 10 riders.

2. Please take your temperature and check your symptoms prior to coming to the ride. If you have an elevated temperature or have had one in the past 14 days or any of the other COVID symptoms please opt out of the ride.

3. We will limit the use of a pace-line as this is thought to place riders in a position of breathing in the exhale of the rider(s) in front of them. There will be times when we need to be in a pace-line to stay clear of traffic. When this occurs we will increase the distance between riders.

4. When the group pulls up to stop signs or lights, or stop to regroup, we will be careful to maintain social distancing.

5. Please bring a mask with you. We will not require that you wear one while riding but if the need to get closer together does arise we will be prepared.

6. It would be a good idea to bring a small bottle of sanitizer or wipes to use periodically.

We are looking forward to riding with you all again. We also understand that some will not want to ride at this time. We definitely respect that and hope to see you when you feel comfortable.
We will most likely change the time to 7AM soon so stay tuned but for now we will ride at 8AM.

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