Rider Questionnaire

Rider Questionnaire

Loveland Cycling Club

Rider Questionnaire 11/16/17     

Contact info:

Name:                     Phone:                  Email:  

Prefered method of contact: phone/text    email   (circle  or check one)

  1. How long have you been riding, what is your cycling experience?


  1. What type of riding do you like to do? (circle or check all that apply)

road     mountain biking   touring     commuting      road racing  

     Mountain bike racing     cyclocross    track  

  1. Why do you ride a bike?  


  1. What are your expectations if you decide to join the Loveland Cycling



  1. Current cycling memberships (circle or check any that apply) USA Cycling

     Bicycle Colorado    PEDAL   any other cycling organization

  1. What days and times are good to meet for group rides?


  1. What cycling goals do you have for 2018?